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alamance drug bust gets 49 students

edited February 2004 in Discussions
A five-month investigation into illegal drugs in the Alamance-Burlington School System ended with 49 students under arrest. The students were arrested Wednesday morning as they sat in class. The warrants include charges of possession with intent to sell and deliver and the sale and delivery of controlled substances, including cocaine, ecstacy, OxyContin and marijuana. Superintendent Jim Merrill requested the investigation after continued reports from principals that drug activity was on the increase. JamesOn Curry, a UNC recruit and the state's all-time leading high school basketball scorer was among the students arrested. His charges deal with the sale and possession of marijuana. The students are scheduled to be in court on Thursday.


  • just read it. i'm still laughing.

    do the crime, do the time. i hope they all get the fullest punishment.
  • xxxboosted2xxx" said:
    JamesOn Curry, a UNC recruit and the state's all-time leading high school basketball scorer was among the students arrested. His charges deal with the sale and possession of marijuana.

  • heres another thing, fox 8 asked a few people what they thought about it and their replies were funny as crap. stuff like

    -those kids were set up, they shouldnt be punished

    -its not right, why cant they bust the people selling it to them instead

    -they shouldnt be handcuffed and in orange jumpsuits like criminals

    those are the only three things i can remember being said when it was on the noon edition of news, make sure you guys and gals tune in at five for more updates, should be good to see how much trouble these kids get into
  • so this is fucked up i mean i played high school basketball and coach now..... i went and see him play last year and he is (was) the real deal he could have went to the pros.. THis year alone he avg. 35 and scored 75 in one game.. it just pissed me off that a guy like this with this much talent could do something like this....but more the likely he will get out of this some how they all do :cry:
  • XhkphooeyX" said:
    ....but more the likely he will get out of this some how they all do

    sadly you're probably right
  • what's stupid is that if he was doing it for money, all he had to do was wait a year. we all know how those Carolina players "all of a sudden" have a new car and new gear once they get it.
  • Graham

    As dozens of Alamance County high school students, some dressed in orange jail jumpsuits, filtered into courtrooms for their first appearance on drug charges, one classmate kept a low profile.

    The smooth-faced 21-year-old recounted how he regularly bought drugs during his five months at Graham High School, as an undercover police officer posing as a 17-year-old student.

    "In his first class, the guy leans over across the aisle and says 'Hey, you smoke dope? If you do, I can hook you up,' " Graham police Chief Milford Miller said.

    Miller and the young officer, identified at his request by only his first name, Bobby, described the investigation Thursday as some of the 49 students charged in the countywide sting made their first court appearances in Burlington.

    Students from six of Alamance County's seven high schools were arrested Wednesday on charges of selling drugs including marijuana, cocaine and the prescription painkiller OxyContin.

    District Court Judge Brad Allen asked the defendants if they had lawyers or needed one appointed, and advised them of the charges and potential penalties they faced.

    Another judge handled the hearing for JamesOn Curry, the state's all-time leading high school basketball scorer, because Curry's defense lawyer is Allen's wife, Dawn D. Allen. Curry faces charges related to selling marijuana.

    Miller said he recruited Bobby to pose as a high school student after Bobby applied for a job with the police department.

    The hiring was kept a secret from many of Bobby's co-workers. Only Miller, the Graham High School resource officer and a couple of drug investigators at the department, who debriefed Bobby daily, knew his identity or even that the department had an undercover officer in the school.

    "We swore him in the back seat of the car, away from the police department," Miller said.

    Bobby posed as a transfer from Green Hope High School in Morrisville. He tried to endear himself to fellow students, but had to follow strict rules, no dating, and he had to turn down invitations to join the football and wrestling teams.

    "Some people really took a liking to me like," Bobby said. "I was one of them. I just hung out and played practical jokes and had a good time."

    Fortunately, Bobby's job didn't depend on his grades. He admitted that, while he liked his shop and physical education classes, he didn't do too well in others.

    "When I got his report card at the end of the semester, I grounded him," Miller joked.

    Bobby couldn't tell his family, not even his fianc
  • I live in alamance county and i think this is hilarious.So many people are trying to act like its not fair that they sent undercover cops into schools.Some people are so dumb.
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