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edited July 2013 in Discussions
Picking the Right Shoes - First Time!

Ask any woman - the first place that she'll look to judge you is your shoes! Picking men's shoes can be very troublesome.

Not only can a good pair of men's shoes make or break an outfit, they are also the most important piece of clothing to have an effect on your overall health. You need to choose the right men's shoes to ensure that you have a high level of comfort and support,nike matt forte jersey, and that your posture is easy to maintain.

When you're thinking about selecting the perfect men's shoes,Brian Orakpo Nike Jersey, make sure you think about when you'll be wearing them. There are various attributes that you'll need to look for dependent on whether the shoes are to be worn for exercise,Nick Perry Jersey, everyday wear,Kids Robert Griffin III Jersey, casual wear or business wear. This article assumes that the shoes will be worn for everyday / business wear, and not specifically for exercise. Below are some key points to keep in mind when selecting the right men's shoes for you.

1. Durability. The shoe should be well constructed and made of a durable material such as leather,Jim Brown Jersey, to ensure that it will protect your feet and keep them comfortable.
2. Shape. Make sure that your shoes fit properly. Don't ever squeeze your feet into a shoe - this will cause, over time, disfigurement and poor posture.

3. Size. Get measured for your shoes regularly - every time you buy a new pair if need be! Ask a salesperson about the difference in sizes between US and UK products, and ensure that you buy a shoe in the correct size. Make sure you get both feet measured because there are lots of people (me included!) with different sized feet. In this situation, dependent on the size difference,michael kors outlet, it is usually safest to go with a pair of shoes in the larger size.

4,London Fletcher Nike Jersey. Testing. Never select a shoe going on the size alone! Always walk around in your shoes,Jason Campbell Jersey. Never buy a pair of men's shoes unless you are certain that they are a good fit. Your foot should not slip around as you walk.

5. The 'break in' myth. Never buy shoes that are too tight. There is really no such thing as a break in period. Salespeople mainly will tell you this simply to get you to purchase the shoe. Yes,Womens Brian Orakpo Jersey, your foot may stretch the shoe over time,Bernie Kosar Jersey, however this is not good for your feet, and over the long term may cause pain, disfigurement and damage.

6. Style. Many of the best shoe designers and labels understand that for a shoe to be perfect, it must fit, and be of high quality. This is especially the case with men's shoes, as men are generally less 'design oriented' than women. So, although it may take some looking, you should be able to find a shoe in a great brand, which has a great design, is durable, and also has a great fit.

Take notice of the above tips. They should make it a lot easier to buy an appropriate pair of shoes. Remember, don't let the sales people push you into buying a certain pair of shoes - it's you that has to wear them!

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