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Best cheap android tablet pcs always for you

edited June 2013 in Discussions
Recently, in the tablet pc market have one good performance after another, as it were. Many new android tablet pc have been listed. Although apple—the dominance of the tablet market hasn’t taken any new actions, but can not stop the pace of his new rivals. Android tablets or Windows tablets have fairly good new models for customers to choose. Among them, the new Android tablet PC is no longer blindly pursue high standard configuration, but was sold on the basis of ultra portable, multifunctional, this is a big trend in the development of recent tablet. Next, I will give you the characteristics of the Lenovo A3000 and do a briefly introduction, and a brief analysis of market prospects, demand for recent buyers of consumer reference. Cross-border pack and tablet market, in which nature is little not the figure of lenovo. Lenovo A3000 like a tall, rich, handsome man in the tablet market, one is high configuration, lenovo A3000 gathered the quad-core processor is equal top level configuration; 2 it is to function, lenovo A3000 provides a double card double stay, 3 g high speed Internet, OTG extension, high speed GPS satellite navigation, and other functions; Third, appearance beautiful, lenovo A3000 by move feeling and elegant, delicate and other elements together. At the same time, lenovo A3000 “figure” in similar products is relatively symmetrical, measurements for 120 * 194 * 11 mm, weight is 345 grams. In terms of hardware configuration, lenovo A3000 with frequency is 1.2 GHz MTK8389 ARM cortex-a9 quad-core processors, matching is 1 GB memory, was enough to ensure smooth full 1080 p HD video playback and most Android applications run smoothly. Fuselage 8 GB built-in flash memory, though the storage space available to the user is not bounteous, but support maximum capacity for 64 GB Micro SD card expansion (TF). May be due to the limitation of manufacturing costs, the screen is not lenovo A3000, visual area is 7.0 “capacitive touch screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, which means lenovo A3000 quality have underperformed the asus Fonepad exquisite. Color expressive force was quite good, however, up to 350 lumens brightness; viewing Angle of 178 ° full view level, both in still life and animals can give people a feeling of life. In addition to a is used to take and a front-facing camera video calling application of 300000 pixels, lenovo A3000 with level also has a leading 5 million - pixel rear camera, the camera supports auto focus function, and can be taken full 1080 p HD video, completely have the strength of the substitution digital camera as a shooting tool. Lenovo A3000 supports WCDMA/GSM format of double card double stay, both can be used as two cell phones, and can be used at the same time a WCDMA card and a GSM mobile phone card. It is worth mentioning that lenovo A3000 built-in receiver without headphones can be voice calls. Lenovo A3000, as it were, is a double card double stay with big screen mobile phone. Lenovo A3000 “skill” is very big, OTG is a very useful function, without PC, connected to the card reader can be to store the data import other digital products to lenovo A3000. Lenovo A3000 is equivalent to a tablet can be inserted U disk, let the user’s digital life becomes convenient and quick. : because include price, product positioning is close to, and intend to buy one thousand Yuan level of transboundary tablet consumers will inevitably take Asus Fonepad and lenovo A3000, lenovo A3000 advantage lies mainly in support double card double stay, and there are a lot of consumers to pay attention to quad-core processors, for potential users focus on multi-function and cost-effective obviously more attractive. New arrival early prices relatively stable, as lenovo A3000 has more affordable, it interested customers no need of money to the sidelines. Our bestpadmall always attention to tablet forefront news and provide more cheapest tablet pcinformation, try our best to meet your Opinion about seeking for fresh.
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