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  • Game Friday night / Home agaist South Rowan
    • Simple as can be. Come to the game and support your school. Varsity girls start at 6 and guys at 7:30. Wear your 6th Man Tshirt, that you can buy form coach muse for only $6, and get $1 off the cost to get in. ONly 1 more home game after this one so come on out.

      And may i make a personal request. To all those that come that don't sit on the front row, SAY SOMETHING. You all just stand there and don't say anything. Please get involved with the cheers. It actually is a little fun.

      (Uncage the slow lefty)
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  • so who wants to do me a favor?
    • i need three, maybe four songs burned on a cd. i have the songs on mp3 and need them on a cd. i can pay for the acutal cd-r and any other costs, if it's under five dollars.

      reply with your e-mail address and i'll get in touch with you. much apperiated.
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