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General mature discussion about all topics.
  • BLACK METAL!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~~~!~!~!~!
    • 8 imageo $5 Friskiz Straight down university north for 15 miles on the right past the bowling alley.
      AS WE BURN
      This will be the most metal/hardcore show your sad little eyes will ever witness.
      Brad and Sid that means you.

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      PEACE OUT,
      BIG J-ROC
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  • JOBS
    • Where can I find a job? I need to find one. If you know of a place that is hiring please let me know.
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  • Reynolds bball game tomorrow night
    • 7:30 at RJR. Come early, cheer loud, stay late. Hopefully we can keep it under 50.
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  • for those..............
    • FOR THOSE ABOUT TO SLICE..........WE SALUTE YOU...................

      SLICE IT
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  • wake up!!
    • All right folks, it's been a week since a post has been thrown up here so i figured i'd do somethin'. If anyone is aware of any 'zines/small press comics' being produced in the area, hit me up with an e-mail or send them to my site..
      I'm looking for good quality stuff, no bullshit, for a possible 'business' endeavor later this year. Thanks and start talking dammit!
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  • Just a thought on during National Friendship week

    • Many people will walk in and out of your life,
      But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
      To handle yourself, use your head;
      To handle others, use your heart.
      Anger is only one letter short of danger.
      If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
      If he betrays you twice, it is your fault
      Great minds discuss ideas;
      Average minds discuss events;
      Small minds discuss people.
      He who loses money, loses much;
      He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
      He, who loses faith, loses all.
      Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
      But beautiful old people are works of art.
      Learn from the mistakes of others.
      You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.
      Friends, you and me....You brought another friend....And
      then there were 3.

      We started our group.... Our circle of friends.... And like
      that circle....There is no beginning or end..
      Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.

      It's National Friendship Week. Show your friends how
      much you care.
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  • APOCHRYPHAL show was off the hizow?????
    • Yeah we played our first show and I thought we sounded like shit.I screwed up alot but atleast I looked cool. Paul gienne is going to talk to matt from Tribunal and pretty soon I'll be a fucking rock star.If you have tell.

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  • cant sleep
    • i cant sleep, and i cant help but feel that its because i have the need to peel it. and i wanna deal it too. if somebody has a remedy for this it would be much appreciated. please, none of this slicing and dicing stuff, cuz thats just out of line and well ... sorta gay. thanks a lot. (in the name of the all-night skate park)
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  • Government Spending
    • I need some teenage insight on the topic of my government spending. Should I help the needy get college educations, increase classroom spending, or start new programs to help inner-city youth? Let me know of some interests that teenagers in the year 2001 have.

      President George W. Bush
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  • rockbridge
    • what's up all the people that went to YL camp. i am in class now. so i will make this short and sweet. this camp was the best experience i have had in a long time. it gave me peace of mind, and also allowed me to see another side of all of u. a deeper side. and i wanna say that i'm glad that all of us got along so well considering the probs we've had in the past. i'm glad all u guys r my friends and we all share somehting in common. lets keep it tight between us. i know that it is gonna be hard to go back to school and our normal hard lives. but we can help eachother and ask for Gods help. love u all peace
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    • whats this i hear?....did mis-one actually take a razor to his head and slice it for real?~!.......................his hair i mean......hmmmmmm............aaaaahhhh.... .......yesass
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  • graff
    • wow. your "art" section in on fucking fire man.
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  • firing it up.........
    • Since the 'art' section isn't lit up then please allow me to spark it. has now posted some of the original pages of 'Noiz' for your viewing pleasure. For those not familiar with 'Noiz', then let me eloborate: it was a self published 'zine/comic' that i put out around '97-'98 in this area. Many of the local kids were used as a basis upon which i developed characters in the series, resulting in alot of hard feelings but, oh well, can't please everybody. And, currently, some of my stuf is on display at 'Mary's Of Course' (Brookstowne Ave); it ranges from the old shit to newer stuf never before seen. All of it is to some degree graffiti/manga-ish (you know, Japanamation-ish) inspired. Go buy some of it now dammit!! It's only up until the 31st of this month. Anyways, also go to Pan's Collection (Burke St, across from City Beverage) and cop the latest small press offering i got called 'Zion Virtue', it totally rocks ass. I also hear that Mis-One has something in the horizon that is sure to get everyone poppin' that relates to myself, hmmmm....oh the suspense!! I came, i saw, i fired it up......
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  • Matthew Sweet-the artist
    • Anybody ever heard of this guy? He did a few things around 1995 I think. His only big songs were "Sick of Myself",
      "Girlfriend", and "Where you Get Love?". The tunes are catchy, but I think he has been overlooked by a lot of people in favor of similar, more readily packages pop/folk groups. Oh well, there's always Bob Dylan
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  • eat yall do any weird ish
    • i do exist..yes..i saw he more worries
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  • for a fun-filled time...
    • weekend excursion is lovely, they're playin feb 16 at ziggy's. it'll be a blast.
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    • wed. JAN. 24- FRISKIZ $5 8pm start
      NARIAN, Apochryphal, In the Shadows

      Sat. JAN 27 BREW HA HA'S
      Azazel, from autumn to ashes,
      bloodjinn, age of ruin,
      sever the fallen and more

      sat. FEB 10 benifit for brenners childrens hospital 7pm
      the dead body men
      a small victory
      trauma victim, facedown
      plus 2 more TBA

      aight there ain't shit to do in winston so come out and support local music......
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  • Good Music
    • Pietasters! Friday, January 19 at Ziggy's. Hell yeah!
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