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General mature discussion about all topics.
    • whatsup everyone, i wanted to remind everyone that apochryphal is playing this saturday at friskiz with plague thy child, as we burn, far from forgiven, narayan, and a thousand burning. starting at 700 and its probably going to be $6. this is the thing though. apochryphal has done a lot of publicity for the show and a lot of people are coming from a lot of places to see us, however, ive heard through the grapevine that some kids from another band want to switch first spot with us because they dont like monkey knife fight jr.!!!! im sure all of you must think this is proposterous that anyone would dislike mkfjr. the illustrious and talented lead axe player and GUK co-founder but its a crazy world. so, if you can make it out to the show, i would love all of you forever if you could mention to the doorman that you came to see apochryphal or just ask if when we'll be playing or something. i also want to thank all of you guys who have already helped us out alot and spread the word of our coming reign in blood.

      thanks for your time and attention
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  • In defense of Doc Martin Re: Snow
    • The weather people did say that it wasn't going to stick to the roads. All the weather people are now saying how remarkable it is that everything came together for this snowstorm. Our superintendent is absolutely in a no-win situation when he has to make a call on a day like this. You people ACTUALLY think he has no remorse for a student dying today?
      He screwed up. He's screwed up a couple of times. But it's like calling "heads or tails" when someone flips a coin. He's just got it wrong a couple of times. I think the weather men AND the unpredictability of Nature are to blame for this one.
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  • ZAO?!
    • holy crap..
      can anybody confirm that Zao is playing this sunday at some place called millenium underground?
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  • GATEWAY computers and the misconceptions behind them
    • alright folks gateway the computer company..u know the one who uses the cow looking box as there ad campaign...well yeah the best thing about them is the BOX cuz nothing inside the box is worth SHIT. so if you find one on your door step take the insides out and beat the shit outta of them w/ a bat and make a fort w/ the box you'll find much more pleasure w/ the fort than you will w/ the computer partly because the computer doesn't FUCKIN work and isn't worth shit in the first place...... the overall message behind this post is gateway sucks and don't waste your money on low quality high priced bullshit......

      - kill your local gateway supplier
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  • School Prank -- Spring Break-> Need Help
    • Over Spring Break, Myself and a few others intend on launching one of the greatest pranks in Tabor History. If all goes as planned, the students and faculty will have to close school down on the Monday after Spring break. Email me if your interested in helping.

      If it isn't broken, BREAK IT!!!
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  • Everlast - Dilated Peoples vs. Eminem
    • Just a little info on the latest between Everlast/Dilated Peoples and Eminem...

      If you have not heard by now, there is a beef in hip hop. It all started with Dilated Peoples. On the last song on Dilated's album (Ear Drums Pop Rmx) Everlast busted a flow dissing Eminem... "I buck a 380 on those that act shady...". Battling has always been a part of hip hop. Whether it is with graffiti, breakdancing, freestyling or just calling people out on records, it has always happened. Anyways, Eminem has a new group coming out called D12. On the groups first single, "Shit On You" there was a b-side called "I Remember." This entire song was a response to Everlast's diss on Dilated's album and as you can imagine with Eminem, the shit was HARD!!! Everlast aka Whitey Ford struck back a few weeks later with a Napster only release called "Whitey's Revenge." Everlast spent that entire song hitting back at Em's diss and it is HARD as well. As expected, Eminem (and his crew D12) struck again, this time dissing not only Everlast aka Whitey Ford, but Dilated Peoples as well. The song is called "Quitter." Now why eminem would diss Dilated Peoples is beyond me... I even have a freestyle of Eminem and Dilated Peoples back in the day on radio, so they obviously used to hang around eachother in the underground hip-hop scene that Eminem once belonged to. I've been anxiously wondering and waiting to hear if Dilated would strike back. Well, they have! Dilated Peoples have a new track "Searching For Bobby Fisher" only available on the StreetWise website and Napster while it remains up for a hort time longer... I suggest that you check out all three songs on Napster and come to your own conclusion. But I have to say that I'll take Dilated Peoples over eminem anyday.

      So anyways, download these songs while napster remains and check them out...

      Eminem- I remember

      Everlast- Whitey's Revenge

      Eminem- Quitter

      Dilated Peoples- Search 4 Bobby Fisher

      Peace Out!
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  • Anotha' Classic CSC Event for the Children..
    • Tomorrow (Friday) meet in front of 533 Uprisings (533 N. Trade St. Downtown) at 6:30. From there we shall caravan to the downtown Darryl's and eat before the show. Anyone whos down with the CSC is invited.. that's boys and girls.. otherwise go away.

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  • show show show here we go
    • there is a show the 24th at Friskiz 8:00 $5
      Plague thy child
      As we burn
      A thousand burning
      Far from forgiven
      (if you miss this show your stupid)
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  • car accident!
    • We true soldiers, and we don't die!
      CSC for life baby!
      Ona more serious note: Thanx to all my peeps that came out to see me in the hospital. Mad love given back to u guys. Ryan, Raven, and Gabby's parents, thanx for helping me out during my wreck. Gabby, thanx for helping out my mom and telling me how much u cared. it meant a lot to me. To the rest of u. I love all u guys. It meant a lot to me as i was laying there on that cold table to know that i had friends waiting to see me when i got out. And another thing........God no doubt! had a hand in this. God is my boy. He watched out for me when i really needed him, and also used this expierience to open my eyes. Life is precious, life it to the fullest, and live ure life for God. U will not regret it. He's ure everlasting bro. He covers ure butt, and helps u live the best life possible. Thank you to everyone that helped me tonight. I love u all. God bless u. CSC for life! peace
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  • KWELI!!!!!
    • Valentines day is lame.
      If anyone is going to see Twalib Kweli on the 27th at chapel hill let me know and I'll pay you for a ride.Valentines day is lame.
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  • official soundtrack of csc

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  • SST comming soon
    • If you liked our first concert, then watch out...I've been cranking out new/gay tunes...we're comming to a joint near you. Our sponsers are CSC, TD, GUK, and ofcourse

      See u soon.
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  • CSC Running Things..
    • I guess it's preety obvious how the CSC has cleaned up shop.. Plumdogg representing that State Track championship.. Thanks for the CSC piece on the career center lot hill.. that was nice.. now, let's see some of that work on private property.. damn it's late..

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  • Carbomb inc.
    • Yo fools there's a show on Feb.16 8:00 5$
      at the Millenium Center down the street from 533.With The Runarounds,Apochryphal,and CarBomb inc. who are the shizit.They do Dead Kennedy covers.Be there or be square.
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    • For all you hatin'- Carolina beat Duke...yeah boys
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  • TallMike hit me up
    • What up Mike, I'm Wes Richardson........saw some of your ish, tight dude.....seriously.....anyway, I know you had jaw surgery. I have to have that shit done when I'm in college. Fill me in how my life is gonna be during that process........peace.
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  • i know he had to apeal to all audiences but...
    • did that dj last night really have to play papa roach.. what crap.

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  • snowball
    • CSC was definitely representing last night.. j-roc was rocking the indian feathers.. westikal gave us a robotic workout.. sid the surf provided us with some dope papa roach.. and i rocked a ups outfit.. thanks to jipenis risealot for the predance meal. shit was hot..

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  • run dmc..
    • what happened to these guys?! they fell off the map and tried to return with some crap half ass ganster albumm.. i'm pissed at them.. alright..

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  • Transgression
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