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General mature discussion about all topics.
  • POP Fest
    • I also worked at the POP Fest last night and it was pretty cool. It is $15 to get in(I think...) and that allows you to buy tickets for food and see all the bands. There are 3 stages (jazz&blues, folk, and rock). It is based around the Trade Street area and goes from 2nd St to 6th St. Bands like Squatweiler, Bare Jr, and Marcy Playground are playing today on the Rock Stage. It's a little expensive, but if you stay all day, then it is worth it.
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  • some people just try too hard..
    • for those of you that didn't know.. your favorite backpeddler and mine, thomas vasilos, tried yet again to take an anonymous stab against me and my friends.. he again failed..

      his website:

      would now be ours now.. see for yourself..

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  • Prom...............
    • Prom was the heez. I want to especially thank the Richardson's for the great dinner they hosted as long as everyone else who helped prepare, everything was absolutely fantastic. I also want to thank my extraordinarily wonderful date, Sarah Coulson. You made everything worth while, I love you.
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    • I am a little concerned at the fact that the poularity of "the mullet" has significantly diminished, why? This cannot fade away, the mullet is an American trailor park tradition that goes beyond Bud Light and represents the true Wes that lies in all of us. I encourage you, my friends and Mount Tabor Staff to take a skip, gallop, or jog down Mullet road. Who's with me?.....................
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  • this is post # 666
    • too bad it doesn't mean anything though..

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  • Anonymous
    • So yeah- Dave, you should make it so that real names are required to post on here. It is so freaking annoying figuring out who everyone is- although it always comes out in the end. (Take "farmer ben" for instance). Oh well- people should have big enough nuts to use real names anyway.
      Sam Thornton
      Congrats to womens soccer for scoring on that huge goalie- she was a big 'un.
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  • what they know about tha banana and mayonaise?
    • no, really? what do they know about the banana and mayonaise? hit me up...and woo woo
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  • john
    • "Let us think about the fabrication and curing of austenized steel as a cute little chocolate bunny"- Dr. Julien

      well damn sadie ate the bunny so i guess im fucked on my exam tomorrow

      / / (__)
      / KC \ (oo)
      /| /-^^-----/
      / | /|Lemieux||
      * || ||------||
      ^^ ^^ ^^ "After you do it in the front you can flip your specimen over and do it in the rear"
      - Prof. Julien
      "Everytime somebody make me bend over I get a sharp pain in my back"- Prof Julien
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  • Protesting In Silence..
    • Recently, cards proclaiming a "Silent for a Day Protest" in the name of rights for homosexuals/transexuals/etc. have been floating around local High Schools in the area. If you haven't come in contact with it yet, it's bound to happen soon. When a student observing the protest is confronted with a question or a dialogue of any typed, they're supposed to not saying anything and hold up their card which reveals their protest. What's your opinions about these cards? Do they serve their purpose?

      I kinda think of protesting as being a vocal thing in which you illustrate what you're protesting vividally as well as visually and semi forceful, rather than sheltering yourself and having someone confront you. It almost seems like they're ashamed or scared at times when confronted.


      P.S.- Before anyone starts twisting things around, I do think the initial cause in the cards is good, no one should ever be treated indiferently in any circumstances based on their age, race, sexuality or gender, but I don't however feel it fills the shoes of a strong protest. Well, let's here it.

      [This message has been edited by MIS-ONE (edited April 05, 2001).]
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  • THIS HAS GOT TO END........
    • After all the heated arguments and trash talking, it seems pointless to continue to talk junk about other people. True, I may not like what some people have done, but I respect them and hope I can receive the same in return. People may not like me, and even though I try I cannot please everyone...I encourage all of us to realize how stupid this is and move on with life. Spec.? Who cares anymore and I guess I'll never know what really happened and why, but oh well. Stop the trash, move on, and just give people a little respect aight...peace y'all!

      Big J-Roc, Tryin' to lay out the truth in a cruel world
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  • A LATE NIGHT THOUGHT................
      -its often said that wierd things come at night, well Thomas Vaselos is Farmer wonder he wouldn't say his name...One word comes to mind when i think about this, "coward," or one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity.....

      -wiser than you.........
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  • Being gay: falling off a chair during a tryout!
    • Hey, hey...want to hear sonething really gay? How 'bout pretending to fall over in a chair while someone is trying out, that would be cool. Too bad no one laughed and thought you were gay as ish yo. You try to stop me, but you can't...because I'm the J-Roc, who always stands firm. You can't distract me I'm too good to mess up, but hey I guess being gay like that is cool if you wanna impress people right? Gay to the extreme.

      Big J-Roc, you can't slice this!
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  • I'm a little concerned...
    • Hey, it’s Scott. I haven’t been to the page in a while, but I was disappointed to see some of the stuff that was posted on here when I came back. At first I wasn't going to say anything, but I felt that it would be wrong if I didn't. I’m not here to point fingers or call out names, but it really hurts to see guys that I feel close to posting things that are so offensive. I understand that everyone is free to voice their opinion, but I think that can be done without a lot of the language and threats that are on the message board. I know that what I’m saying may not be very popular, but I feel that we need to be striving for a higher standard. Ephesians 4:29 says “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Take these words however you want to; I just felt that something needed to be said.
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  • Baseball game tomorrow 4 oclock home COME
    • we beat RJR today with hardly any student support. HUGE game tomorrow and we are looking for a big turn out from our fellow Spartans. Davie lost today and if we win tomorrow we are conf champs. Please do the best you can to make it out. Admission might be free. Working on it right now for yall. Annoucement will be made about it tomorrow afternoon. Bring your friends. LAter

      (Uncage the slow lefty)
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  • RJR website
    • Not to start anything between Reynolds people and Tabor people but I went to this RJR site and they could not let it go about all the crap that went down on this message board. And, it is obvious that they still come to read it from some of the posts. I have not heard anyone on hear talk crap about Reynolds people since they got the boot, but they are still talking junk about tabor peeps. Here is the site- check it out I think it is kinda lame that they dont let it go. Mis- there are a bunch of references to your site. Not starting shit, just pointing out that some people cant let things go.
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  • The Pharcyde / Ugly Duckling
    • The Pharcyde and Ugly Duckling are playing next Friday at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. Hip Hop Uhhh..

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  • senior picnic.. csc style..
    • i just took a shower. after that eventful picnic.. and i was just thinking what a nice change in pace that was.. it reminded me of the last picnic i had like that in 8th grade.. but anyways... csc volleyball/soccer team represented.. it sucks that angus drodge couldn't come but atleast j-roc brought the picture.. watch out for seahawks dropping water ballons, they might make you hit a girl and get beat up by an enormous black guy.

      GUK. SLK. CSC.
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  • stretch arm strong,rock out once again...
    • yo,for all you kids who missed the show for prom,i understand but...well it was worth at least a stop by. the first band was alright some sxe hxc band from south carolina who reminded me of old earth crisis stuff killed it,and thats just the first band...glasseater,was awesome.undying bad as crap ,full sxe love crew action with the hoodies and bandannas,lots and lots of dancing till i got rack in the head by some kid who wanted to"pit". and last but not least stretch arm strong...good,satisfying,stimulating.i liked!

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  • Steve is a loser
    • Steve- you know its cool or whatever to defend your music, but give it a rest. Nobody cares! You said you graduated from tabor, right? Then why do you care about a message board that is run by a tabor student (no offense Dave)? Shouldnt you have something better to do, What a loser! None one cares about what you have to say.
      Oh, and Happy Birthday to J-Roc...standing firm at the big 18!
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  • missing custom chain.. valued at 3 dollars , 11 cents.
    • has anyone seen my custom made gold chain.. it's about twelve inches, the size of a standard ruler. it gets lost easily. if you see a golden goat. it's mine.

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