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    • Hey the greatest invention has got to be the invention of "RAMEN." It is the greatest food...and so easy to make, and it's a full meal too. Oh man I'm definitely gonna be grubin' some Ramen in college, especially when ROC is staight broke as a joke. Hey drop me your thoughts on Ramen...perhaps your favorite flavor.

      Big J-Roc, "Thy word is a lamp unto feet and a light unto my path."
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  • Mis-One
    • Does anyone realize how many people come check out this's incredible. Mis, the stat page says it all. This webpage is the most popular thing since the old school WES! Graduation in one week- I CANT WAIT!
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  • Thaks for a great year (Baseball)
    • I just want to take some thread space here and thank a group of guys. Justin Plummer, Dave Stroup, Brian Bach, and Justin Parker. We had a great year and it sucks today thinking about what could have been done differently last night. All 4 of yall were looked up to by everyone and all of yall supplied the leadership on or team. Plummer, we've been on the same team for 5 years in a row now and we've had some good times. I'm sad to see them go. I'll always remember the freekin HR fest you put on that one week a couple years back. South West Little League never knew what hit them. Stroup, you had to go and break your wrists before that year in fall ball. But i can forgive you. Afterall, you do have the best mechanics i've ever seen. Bach, what can I say. Oh wait I know, DAMNIT BACH...Shut up shit heads... You were the man this year. 8-2, thats pretty damn good. Good luck to you next year and you know I'm gonna be out there giving you hell every damn game you play at home next year. JP, Chuck. You were a beast this year at 2nd and when you stepped in the batters box. You were probably the most consistant hitter we had this year. I took prode in lettin you punch me in the shoulder everytime i said How now brown cow. You'll be missed, along with the infamous "UHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH"'s. So its all over now. Another year in the record books as they say. But its not just another year. Probably the most rememberable year all of us will ever have. I know it will be mine.

      Mr. School Spirit (Scott Strickland #6)

      (Uncage the slow lefty)
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  • the kid that shot his teacher..
    • here's my deal with that.. sure he may have "accidentally" shot his teacher.. but did he "accidentally" load the clip and "accidentally" cock it back?? this trial should be a no brainer.. lock him up.

      GUK. SLK. CSC.
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  • need advice
    • there is a new board out. i can't remember the name. it is made out a lot of the same stuff that snow boards r made out of. it is strong, light, and has a lotta concave to it. the name is somehtin like "mega pop". i can't remember. but i am wondering, cause i am getting back into skating, does anyone know enough about these boards to tell me if i should get one of these, or just stick w/ the victorious "element"? (the mega pop boards are only about 10 dollars more.)
      thanx brad
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  • BIG sports announcement
    • There will be a press conference within the upcoming week that will concern the playing futures of Anders Larson, Craig Tutterow, and David Bartz.
      Go to to find out more.
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  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me
    • Dave,do you make money off of this site or just get the money to operate it from your advertisements.
      Raisin Cain
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  • spartan spec pictures..
    • for some reason i'm having trouble posting to the main website.. so, this is to let you know that there are spartan spec pics submitted by steve in the photography section..

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    • Unfortunately, the kids from narian got the date of the upcoming show at friskiz mixed up. instead of being january 24th its february 24th. so dont go to friskiz next wednesday, all you see is a dark locked up building. however, we (apochryphal) will also be playing at the club formerly known as 533 uprisings with azazel in mid february. im really sorry about the false information.
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  • will this ever end?.........
    • It seems like the crap talking at Tabor won't stop when it was clearly stated after the "balloon" incident that the whole thing would be dropped. I don't get it, I am way past this, yet people are still gonna go and spread malicious lies about Mis-One/J-Roc...there's no point kids-let's leave it alone! Don't post all this crap talking just post funny stuff-aight? peace

      Big J-Roc, "See the light, then be the light!"
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  • problems with area codes..
    • Does anyone share this same problem I have?? It seems that I will get calls from people trying to call 919-555-XXXX (Where 555-XXXX = my phone number). So there is some confusion, because my area code was 919 like 2 or 3 years ago maybe?, but now it's 336. So maybe some phone company's call tracing/callerid has things confused, because I can't figure it out. When I come home, almost everyday there is a message by some foreign adult that says "You just called my number, please call back", then they leave their number. There is no way anyone could have called them, especially when I've been at school all day. Anyone have any ideas?

      GUK. SLK. CSC.
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  • Show this weekend at Millenium center on Saturday
    • That's right folks, come to the Millenium Center Underground Saturday night to see Apocryphal spit on people and Wes kick dudes in the gonna be nuts and as Bloodjinn may put it: "Ya mat die"
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  • Observations
    • It has often come to my attention that anonimity breeds boldness, and boldness can be a foolish thing. Reading the message board in the months it has existed have proved to me several facts: When man is not exposed face-to-face with his fellow man, his ability to behave with audacity expands exponentially. Secondly, apparently teenage males have a persistant urge to prove their superiority, by "talking junk" as it is commonly referred to. Perhaps this goes back to prehistoric times when a young male had to prove his dominace in a tribe in order to gain the respect of his peers and females. Well, it is my opinion that we have adapted to a more civil form of existance, where we do not need to need to resort to crude remarks about our brothers. The Greatest Commandment was: Love thy neighbor as I have loved you. I think we could learn a lot from pondering this. For one moment forget your bruised ego; think about your actions. Then speak with wisdom and restraint. There is a proverb: Never let the sun set on anger.
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  • green album
    • not feelin the new weezer album, mis?
      yeah, a lot of my friends don't like it too much either...i think weezer has managed to still write incredibly catchy songs on this new CD. i'm a huge fan of self-titled and pinkerton and i think this CD's just a step forward. but, to each his own...
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  • “Harper’s Index” of teenage myths!
    • Some of you may be bored so...


      Number of US deaths involving abuse of heroin in 1999: 4,801.
      Number which were teenagers: 33.
      Number over age 35: 3,389.

      Number of US deaths involving cocaine (including “crack”) in 1999: 4,842.
      Number which were teenagers: 21.
      Number over age 35: 3,393.

      Total drug abuse deaths, including overdoses, suicides, and accidents, among US teenagers ages 12-19 in 1999: 326.
      Number among adults ages 35-54: 7,114 (source: Drug Abuse Warning Network).

      Number of deaths in 1999 from abuse of drugs (accident, suicide, undetermined) reported by DAWN, and percent which were teens:
      Heroin, 4,801: (six-tenths of 1% were teens)
      Cocaine (including crack): 4,882 (one-half of 1% were teens)
      Alcohol mixed with drugs: 3,897 (one-third of 1% were teens)
      Methamphetamine (speed): 688 (1% were teens)
      Valium (Diazepam): 808 (one-half of 1% were teens)
      Benadryl (OTC allergy supressant): 756 (1% were teens)
      Tylenol: 426 (one-half of 1% were teens)
      Prozac (Fluoxetine): 305 (1% were teens)
      Aspirin: 104 (3% were teens)
      Ecstasy (MDMA) and GHB (club drugs): 14 (none were teens)
      Total: 29,009 drug mentions, 11,613 deaths (1% were teens)

      1980: Number of drug-related casualties before “War on Drugs” began:
      Overdose deaths
      Among teens: 260
      Among adults: 6,600
      Drug-related hospital emergency cases:
      Among teens: 45,118
      Among adults: 270,506
      Drug-related murders: 407
      Arrests for drug law violations:
      Among teens: 205,000
      Among adults: 375,000

      1998: Number of drug-related casualties after 10+ years of the “War on Drugs:”
      Overdose deaths
      Among teens: 300
      Among adults: 15,000
      Drug-related hospital emergency cases (1999)
      Among teens: 53,300
      Among adults: 501,600
      Drug-related murders: 891
      Arrests for drug law violations
      Among teens: 412,000
      Among adults: 944,000

      Percent of all hospital emergency cases for heroin and cocaine which involved teenagers in:
      1980: 2.5%
      1985: 2.0%
      1990: 1.8%
      1999: 1.5%

      Percent of all hospital emergency cases for marijuana which involved teenagers in:
      1980: 25.0%
      1985: 24.0%
      1990: 13.8%
      1999: 15.5%

      Ratio of arrests for illegal drugs to deaths from abusing drugs for black, Hispanic, or Asian teenagers in California in 1998: 18 to 1.
      Ratio for white (non-Hispanic) teenagers: 7 to 1.
      Ratio for white (non-Hispanic) adults ages 30 and older: 1 to 3.

      Percentage of illegal-drug deaths involving white (non-Hispanic) adults: 65%.
      Percentage of drug arrests: 28%.

      Percent of all marijuana users and percent of all persons arrested for possession of marijuana who were under age 18:
      1990: 9% of users, 12% of those arrested.
      1995: 11% of users, 33% of those arrested.

      Number of emergency hospital treatments in the last three years CNN (4/19/00) reported involved abuse of the designer and dance-party drug Ecstasy: 1,100
      Number of emergency hospital treatments in the last three years involving abuse of Tylenol (a major sponsor of CNN’s report on Ecstasy): 45,000.

      Of 25,357 students ages 12-17 surveyed in the National Household Survey in 1999, number who said that at least once in the previous year, they used:
      Heroin: 75 (0.3%).
      Cocaine: 400 (1.6%)
      Marijuana: 3,650 (14.4%).
      Any illegal drug: 5,150 (20.3%)
      Cigarettes: 6,000 (23.5%)
      Alcohol: 8,850 (34.9%).

      Number of 17 year-old drivers in fatal drunken driving accidents in 1997: 320.
      Number of 40 year-olds: 320.
      Number of teenage girls, total (all age 15-19): 275.
      Number of 40 year-old men: 275.

      Average annual number of deaths from alcohol overdose poisoning during the 1990s among persons ages :
      15-24: 15.
      25-34: 38.
      35-44: 58.
      45-54: 42.
      over 55: 32.

      Percentage of all regular drinkers who are under age 20: 9%
      Percentage of drunken driving deaths: 9%.
      Percentage of public drunkenness arrests: 9%



      Change in juvenile homicide arrest rate (per 100,000 youths ages 10-17) over last generation (1999 compared to early 1970s): DOWN 35%.
      Change among children younger than 13: DOWN 74%.
      Change among adults 30-49: DOWN 65%

      Change in number of murder arrests per 100,000 juveniles by race/ethnicity in the 4 states which keep statistics (CA, NY, PA, OK), from lowest year (1984) to highest (1991):
      Black, UP 37.8
      Hispanic, UP 21.1
      Asian, UP 7.8
      White, UP 0.9

      Change from 1991 to 1999:
      Black, DOWN 44.1
      Hispanic, DOWN 21.9
      Asian, DOWN 7.4
      White, DOWN 1.9

      Annual murder arrest rate among gradeschool children (per 1 million ages 6-12) in the:
      1960s: 2.0
      1970s: 2.6
      1980s: 1.6
      1990s: 1.7
      In 1999: 0.6

      Number of:
      Juveniles (under 18) murdered by other juveniles in 1999: 148.
      Number of juveniles murdered by adults: 596.
      Number of adults murdered by juveniles: 310.

      Number of kids murdered at or around school in the last three years: 47.
      Number of kids murdered at home: 3,000.

      Odds that a school-aged youth will be murdered by parents at home versus being murdered by a peer at school: 15 to 1.

      Odds that a parent will murder their teenage child vs the other way around: 6 to 1.

      Number of youths murdered in school shootings since May 1, 1999: 7.
      Number of kids killed in mass shootings by middle-aged adults: at least 22.

      Number of students murdered at school in the last three years in the “school shootings” featured in headlines and repeated news stories and cited by President Clinton: 25.
      Number who were white: 23.
      Number of students murdered at school in the same period who received virtually no media or political attention: 32.
      Number who were not white: 29.
      Mathematical odds that this could be a coincidence: less than 1 in 100,000.

      Percent of high school seniors reporting to the annual Monitoring the Future survey that they were injured by an assailant with a weapon at school,
      In 1976 (first survey): 5.4%.
      In 1986: 5.1%.
      In 1999 (most recent): 4.0%.


      Change in juvenile violent crime arrest rate (per 100,000 youths ages 10-17) over last generation (1999 compared to 1970-74): UP 29%.
      Change among children younger than 13: UP 21%
      Change among adults ages 30-49: UP 62%.

      Change in teenage “index” (serious felony) arrest rate: DOWN 19%
      Change among children: DOWN 38%.
      Change among adults 30-49: UP 74%.

      Percent of all murders in US which were committed by juveniles in 1999: 6%
      Percent of all violent crimes: 12%
      Of all property crimes: 22%

      Percent of all crimes attributed by the FBI to juveniles versus percent of all persons arrested for those crimes who are juveniles in 1999, for:
      Homicide: 6.3% of offenses, 9.4% of arrests
      Rape: 11.8% of offenses, 17.0% of arrests
      Robbery: 15.3% of offenses, 25.4% of arrests
      Aggravated assault: 12.0% of offenses, 14.2% of arrests
      Property crime: 21.8% of offenses, 32.3% of arrests.


      Average number of gun fatalities 1990-98, US, per year: 35,800.
      Number involving persons under age 20, per year: 5,000.
      Number involving accidental shootings of children under age 10: 60.

      Average number of gun fatalities, US, in most recent year (1998): 30,407.
      Number involving persons under age 20, per year: 3,752.
      Number involving accidental shootings of children under age 10: 53.

      Age group most likely to die by gunfire:
      For whites: the elderly
      For blacks, Hispanics, Asians: young adults.

      Gun death rate in major states, 1980 through 1998, per 100,000 youths ages 0-19:
      Among white youth in the richest state for whites (Massachusetts): 1.1.
      In the poorest state for whites (Louisiana): 12.3.
      Among black youth in the richest state for blacks (New Jersey): 21.7
      In the poorest state for blacks (Minnesota): 55.1.

      Percentage of all 1998 gun deaths that involved persons under age 20 in the ten states rated by the Children’s Defense Fund as having the “best” laws to protect children from guns: 14.4%.
      Percentage in the states rated as “worst”: 11.2%.


      Number of junior high-age girls (15 and younger) who gave birth in 1998: 1,000
      Fathers were junior high-age boys (15 and younger): <100
      Fathers were senior high-age boys (16-18): 400
      Fathers were post high school men (19 and older): 500

      Poverty and birth rate among California teenagers (per 100,000 age 15-19):
      In the richest major county for White teens (Marin, 4% in poverty): 9
      In the poorest for whites (Kern, 13%): 79
      In the richest major county for blacks (Santa Cruz, 20%): 23
      In the poorest (Tulare, 41%): 195.
      In the richest major county for Hispanics (Marin, 15%): 70.
      In the poorest (Fresno, 39%): 137.
      In the richest major county for Asians (San Luis Obispo, 4%): 12.
      In the poorest (Fresno, 56%): 142.

      Among teens in Canada (9% in poverty): 20
      Among teens in Sweden (3% in poverty): 12

      Age group with lowest per-capita increase in HIV/AIDS infection rates in last decade (as measured by new HIV/AIDS diagnoses during 20s): teens age 13-19
      Age group with most rapid increase: 30-49.

      The “leading edge” of the AIDS epidemic (assuming a 5-year average time lag from infection to diagnosis) as measured by new HIV infection numbers and rates per 100,000 population in 1999:
      Infected as teens (diagnosed at age 13-24): 7.8 (2,458 new cases)
      Infected as 20-agers (diagnosed at age 25-34): 15.4 (5,583)
      Infected as 30-agers (diagnosed at age 35-44): 12.5 (5,286)
      Infected as 40-agers (diagnosed at age 45-54): 4.6. (1,926)

      Percent of all HIV infectees from heterosexual intercourse which are females:
      Teens: 91%.
      Adults: 65%.

      Percent of total new HIV cases teenagers account for, according to the National Office on AIDS Policy: 25%.
      Actual new cases teens account for, according to the most recent Center for Disease Control tabulation: 15%.

      Change in HIV infection rates, 1998 to 1999:
      Teens, UP 12%
      20-agers, UP 12%
      30-agers, UP 19%
      40-agers, UP 20%

      Fastest-growing population for HIV infection, according to National Office on AIDS Policy: teens and young adults
      Fastest-growing population for HIV infection, shown in the most recent CDC reports: adults ages 30-59.
      Male population showing riskiest sexual behaviors, according to the June 2000 CDC study: ages 30-49.

      Age change in HIV infectees in recent years, according to National Office on AIDS policy and Tipper Gore: “GETTING YOUNGER.”
      Age change in HIV infectees in recent years, according to CDC reports: GETTING OLDER -- (31.7 in 1990, 32.1 in 1995, 33.1 in 1997, 33.5 in 1999, 37.3 new 1999 diagnoses).


      Percent of persons under age 18 in poverty, 1960: 27%
      Percent, 1970: 15%
      Percent, 1980: 18%
      Percent, 1999: 17%

      Percent of children and youths (under age 18) in low-income families (under twice poverty income), 1999: 40%.
      Percent in severe poverty (less than half poverty income),1998: 8%

      Median income (in constant, inflation-adjusted, 1999 dollars) and change in income, families headed by persons:
      Age 18-24 in 1950: $16,865
      In 1970: $28,812 (UP 71%)
      In 1998: $24,031 (DOWN 17%).

      Age 25-44 in 1950: $22,643
      In 1970: $43,557 (UP 92%)
      In 1998: $50,165 (UP 15%).

      Age 45-64 in 1950: $22,589
      In 1970: $46,537 (UP 106%)
      In 1998: $61,134 (UP 31%)

      Age 65+ in 1950: $12,281
      In 1970: $20,689 (UP 68%)
      In 1998: $33,148 (UP 60%).

      Income gap between generations (earnings among age 45-64 versus 18-24):
      In 1950: +34%
      In 1970: +62%
      In 1999: +154%

      Juveniles, percent in poverty and murder arrest rates (reporting states) in 1999:
      Black: 36.7%, 16.8 per 100,000
      Hispanic: 34.4%, 8.2
      Asian: 21.8%, 3.8
      White: 10.5%, 1.1
      Canadian: 10%, 1.5

      Percentage of youths who graduated from high school
      In 1960: 69.5
      In 1970: 76.7
      In 1980: 71.3
      In 1997: 67.8

      Average ACT test score and percent of students taking test:
      1970: 20.6, 19% took test
      1980: 20.5, 20% took test
      2000: 21.0, 38% took test

      Average undergraduate tuition costs, public 2-year and 4-year universities, in constant (inflation adjusted) 1999 dollars:
      In 1965: 2-year $591; 4-year, $1,773
      In 1980: $781, $1,827
      In 1999: $1,328, $3,644


      Video games, music, and murder
      1990, number of teenaged boys who played violent interactive video games: 0.
      Number of rap music (including “gangsta”) albums sold, 1990: 74 million.
      Number of teenage boys arrested for murder in 1990: 6,600.

      1999, number of teenage boys who played violent video games: 5 million.
      Number of rap/gangsta albums sold: 125 million.
      Number of teenage boys arrested for murder: 3,700.

      Rate of non-Hispanic white teenagers arrested for murder (reporting states) in 1990: 3.1 per 100,000.
      Rate in 1998: 1.1 per 100,000.


      Percentage of 12-17 year-olds who smoked cigarettes in the previous month in the last National Household Survey before RJR Reynolds introduced the “Joe Camel” advertising icon in 1988: 15%.
      Percent in the first survey following Joe Camel’s introduction (1990): 12%.
      Percent in next three surveys (1991, 1992, 1993): 12%, 11%, 10%.

      Percent of high school seniors who reported smoking at least once a month in 1987, before Joe Camel was introduced: 29.4%.
      Percent in 1989: 28.6%
      Percent in next three surveys (1990, 1991, 1992): 29.4%, 28.3%, 27.8%.

      Change in smoking by 12-13 year-olds after Joe Camel was introduced (1988-90): DOWN 33%.

      Change in spending (constant 1996 dollars) by cigarette companies on advertising and promotion, 1975 to 1992: UP 308%
      Change in teenage smoking initation rates, 1975-92: DOWN 8%.

      Change in cigarette ad and promotion spending, 1992-97: DOWN 14%.
      Change in teen smoking initiation: UP 27%.

      Percent of high school seniors smoking half a pack-plus per day in 1970s: 18.4%
      Percent in 1987: 11.4%
      Percent in 1992: 10.0%
      Percent in 2000: 11.3%

      Average age teens began smoking in the 1970s: 15.5.
      Average in 1990s: 15.7.

      FROGS, 40s, BOOZE ADS -- DITTO

      1988, percent of 12-17 year-olds who drank at least once a month: 33%
      Percent of 12-17 year-olds who drank five or more drinks in a row: 15%
      Number and percent of fatal traffic accidents among drivers under age 20 that involved drinking, 1988: 5,479, 52%.

      Introduction of malt liquor, Budweiser bullfrog, wine cooler, and other intensive alcohol marketing campaigns: late 1980s, early 1990s.

      1999, percent of 12-17 year-olds who drank at least once a month: 19%
      Percent of 12-17 year-olds who drank five or more drinks in a row: 10.5%.
      Number and percent of fatal traffic accidents among drivers under age 20 that involved drinking, 1997: 2,780, 35%.

      1998, Percent of white students who drank at least once a month: 21%
      Percent of black students: 13%
      Percent of Hispanic students: 19%.


      Number of hours per week 12-17 year-olds watched TV in 1980: 22.8 hours.
      Number of hours in 1999: 19.7.
      Number of hours per week adults watched TV in 1980: 30.3
      Number of hours in 1999: 30.8


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  • nelly furtado saved my life.
    • Nelly Furtado kicks out the jams.
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  • XAT WAR WITH THEMX kicks ass!! gotta hear these guys
    • Be prepared for a feat of unimaginable sound and pure on the link located on the misonedotcom homepage
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  • Rough Boys
    • Just an invite to check out the new Rough Boys MP3s at 5 new songs up. There are versions for hi and lo quality mp3 stream, real audio, and download. Comments on the music and / or the streaming quality are welcome.
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  • The Infamous J-Roc
    • Someone set this rumor straight. Did J-Roc take it or give it when he was getting it on with Sam Thornton's brother in the hot tub two years ago? Rec-Specs to the full effects biatch
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  • Downtown on Lockdown??!
    • I just realized how incredibly hard it will be for anyone to navigate downtown tonight. I think I can go as far as to say that this will be the worst traffic jam downtown has ever seen tonight. Take into account the following:

      1. POP Festival: Blocks 2nd/Liberty, 3rd/Trade, 4th Trade, and 6th Trade. (1000+ people)
      2. Millenium Center: is hosting the Reynolds Prom Upstairs in their main complex. (several hundred people)
      3.The Millenium Underground: is hosting a hardcore/metal show (200-300+ people).

      - Once you factor in the amount of vehicles, not to mention limos, stretch vehicles, vendor trucks, tour buses etc., plus how crappy downtown flow/parking is anyway, you'll realize that somewhere someone is going to have a major delima.

      Just something I was thinking about...

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